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At least one more game

By sports alchemy the Ohio State Hockey team managed to get its way into the NCAA regional tournamant this weekend. The final sixteen. The math is beyond me, but it seemed that Minnesota and Mass.-Lowell losing somehow elevated them into one of the final at large spots.

So on Saturday, they get to go to Manchester, New Hampshire and play Boston University.

The good thing is that OSU has beaten the other three number one seeds in the tournament in Denver, Michigan and Notre Dame

The problem is the road, where the Buckeyes have been rather unsuccessful this season againt teams of any level of talent.

This does not come from me often but congratulations to Coach Markell and the team and good luck in the tournament. It's a new season and anything can happen.

Two Columbus teams playing hockey in April would be unprecedented.



Yes, it was a very, very dumb thing to say. Making fun of Special Olympics is not cool, which is why Obama apologized to Shriver before the show even aired.

Now he has to bring J-Mac to the White House so the kid can torch his ass deep and toss in some humililty.

People are going to be all over this with the 'true character' crap. Oh yet another mistake by the administration. Whatever. Another smokescreen for the media to focus on instead or the two trillion dollar deficit. You burn down the White House, you're taking your whole neighborhood with it. Think about that.

still digesting

Hunger is one of the most intense, brutal and profound films I've seen in quite awhile. It is grim and unflinching. Quite violent. Visually stunning. I'm projecting Bresson and Truffaut influences onto director Steve McQueen. There's a 17 minute long single take shot of dialogue between and priest and a prisoner that is brilliant. You're watching a man starve himself to death onscreen, as the director said, a very violent act. The camera focuses on the thing but not the action the thing is doing. Michael Fassbender dropped a lot of weight during the production to play Bobby Sands. See this if you can.
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Well I laughed anyway

Had a craving for a burger all day. Think I know where I'm going. Is there a place on campus to get a decent burger, and I do not want to go to Eddie George's or McFadden's. Thought about Sonic, just a thought though.

Looks like I'll try Gallo's Tap Room on Bethel.

After dinner I'm going to see Hunger at the Wex.