I'm Weird (chaptal) wrote,
I'm Weird

creeping to an end

hitting me that there's less than a week left for me here, at least posting. i'll still be reading and commenting but the posting energy is going elsewhere.

finally watched the dark knight. damn, that was sweet. a dark, brooding piece of chocolate. ledger was excellent, his tongue creepy. eckart was awesome. freeman is the coolest. i like bale's batman. his voice in character can be a bit much but he's got the look. i honestly don't think he was given much to do in this one, or at least the good lines were given to ledger.

blue jackets shut out the flames 5-0. two points closer to a playoff spot. mason set a franchise record with his tenth shutout of the season.
Tags: blue jackets, film 2009, steve mason is better than you

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