March 25th, 2009


Heaven's Gateway

A good, tough night of slam at Writer's Block tonight. Plenty of good open mic. Laura Yes Yes brought some major hot action to the mic as the sacrificial poet. Makes me glad I have a girlfriend, just sayin'

Eleven poets entered the slam ring. Six were to go on to the next round. I drew the ninth spot. There was some good stuff read and I had no clue how I'd go over. Read a new one and somehow scored a 26.4, which slipped me into fifth place.

Vernell and Scott were hitting the mic well, Patrick was waving his phallus around then Will came to the mic and knocked it out of the building with a piece about a disabled child and unrequited love. Too bad he had the dreaded time penalty. I had to follow that and did a energetic reading of my lying coworker that kept me in fifth, because Spike could not beat me.

He and I were at each other, it's cool. Spike's going to get six 10's next time.

Scott came in first, Vernell second, then Will, Patrick and the two white guys were 5/6.

It was a fun night. A necessary slam night that had great poetry and another packed room.